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What Should You Ask Your Maintenance Facility

Posted on January 4th, 2018

Motor_oil_refill_with_funnelWhat Should You Ask Your Maintenance Facility:

Do I really need to get my oil changed every 3-5 thousand miles?

Many manuals have now started writing in that vehicles don’t need oil changes as frequently.  Unfortunately, we have seen some pretty worn-down engines that would have benefited from slightly more frequent oil changes.  We have seen everything from stretched timing changes to sheered teeth that maintain the timing. Small bits of metal in the oil when we drain it.  Our rule of thumb for the newer vehicles is to look at the percentages that are listed on the vehicle panel.  Usually showing either 100% oil life remaining all the way down to 0% oil life remaining… Think of it this way, remember when you were in high school and you would get your report card?  If you think of it as a percentage of failing, you start failing at 50%.  This should be an indicator that you should get an oil change that month (especially if you drive your car that frequently) or in the next 1,000 miles.

Yes, your handbook may say 5,000-10,000 miles for your oil change, but oil breaks down and the lower the viscosity the faster it breaks down.  There are other reasons to frequently change your oil, such as getting ready for winter or changing it due to the vehicle sitting during a season because it doesn’t make sense to drive it.  If this is the case, when cars sit either during the winter or in high humidity areas for more than a month, you should change the oil to prevent water build up.  This can be see when you drive, there might be darker smoke coming out of the exhaust or it burns white but in a cloud.  If you see either, please take your vehicle in for an oil change and ensure that the vehicle is getting enough fuel to oxygen ratio per the specs of the car.

Why does the Mechanic or the Sales person keep suggesting extra repairs:

Many times, it may seem that mechanics are trying to up sell you, you are partially correct. However, many shops don’t want to over sell service because they want you to come back.  The dealerships are usually more expensive and add on several types of services that may be less than necessary.  But, most small repair shops only want what is best for your car. They will take the time to educate their customers, so they will understand their vehicle needs and, so they will come back.  Certified Car Care likes to ensure your vehicle has little to no carbon build up, helping the planet and giving drivers a good throttle response.  We also like to ensure that you are aware of all the little things like your next oil change, spark plug change, transmission fluid exchange and remind you of when your breaks are getting close to needing a turn and new pads.

Why should I do preventative maintenance:

This is a question is one that I frequently receive especially from younger consumers.  Certified Car Care likes to educate our clients and ensure they understand how to keep their car on the road with out spending a large amount of money at each visit.  We would much rather have you come in for frequent oil changes and filter changes than have our clients come in for an entire engine rebuild due to lack of oil changes and preventative maintenance.

Spark_plugsWhat maintenance should you get done? Well there is a manual in each car, but we have systems at our shop that help us know what is expected at your 20k, 60k, 80k, and 100k+ services.  Things like getting new spark plugs around 60k, getting belts checked, maintaining fluids, balancing tires and rotating them frequently during each oil change.  If you have questions we are always willing to answer them and we try to give a rough quote before we do any repairs.

What if my car breaks down after it was just worked on:

Almost all mechanic shops should honor their work, if they don’t you should go straight to the BAR.  But, with that said always allow the repair shop to make good on their word.  All Certified Car Care’s work is warranted for 1 year or 12k miles. Many of our parts have life time warranties, we take pride in our work and ensuring that our customers are satisfied.