Certified Car Care

Transmission Fluid Service

Posted on January 15th, 2016


Transmission Fluid Service: enhance the life of your vehicle!

Transmission fluid should typically be changed every 30,000 to 60,000. It all boils down to simply having dirty transmission fluid. Manual or automatic, it is a MUST that your transmission needs to be clean! Dirty transmissions can cause a delayed response or even just the opposite. It can interfere with your vehicles power and pressure causing gears to slip! Hearing a grinding noise while driving it’s most likely your transmission begging for new fluid. Strange noises or grinding noises are due to your transmission’s fluid being overwhelmed with sludge, dirt and grease.

The process of a transmission fluid service is simple enough to do yourself, or just take it in to get service by professionals. Here at Certified Car Care, we examine the level of your transmission fluid and inspect the fluid. Does it look sludgy or discolored? If so, time for a change!

  1. Examine and remove the pan
  2. Replace the filter (you can clean the filter but replacing it would be best)
  3. CLEAN the pan
  4. Once the pan is clean, you will reinstall it with a brand new pan gasket
  5. Drain the oil fluid and replace it with new automatic transmission fluid



Changing the fluid will enhance the life of your vehicle, there are many reasons for this service.

The clean fluid serves your transmission and restores the flow of power between clutches.

This service reduces friction and provides unclogged lubrication that will reduce heat so that your transmission will work effortlessly.

Certified Car Care takes care of your transmission fluid exchanges starting at just $139.00.