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Toyota Prius Inverter Failure

Posted on March 12th, 2018

393228 Toyota Prius Inverter failure.

What does it look like:
– Your engine might reve
– You’re A/C gets cut off intermittently
– Your 12 volt keeps getting a weird charge amount or you have to replace it
– The engine stalls
– The “RED TRIANGLE” turns on.
What happens?
Either your inverter pump dies completely or it works some times, this causes your Prius to shut down immediately and you can’t seem to get it to turn back on.
Your Prius may throw out a P0A93 code, depending on the generation
– Inverter water pump completely failed
– Cooling system might have hair bubbles
– Kinked hose
– No power to the pump circuit
What should I get changed out:
When you get the inverter pump changed you should also look to get the coolant replaced, you cant really do one and not the other.
What not to do:
If you haven’t got the repairs to your Prius done for the inverter unit, then please, please do not turn your Prius back on, this can cause heating damage to your Hybrid battery.
When to get assistance:
If you notice any changes in your Air conditioning, please bring it in to a good Prius specialist. You can typically get it diagnosed before the water pump fails. This can keep you from having battery damage too and reducing the overall cost in labor and parts. *hybrid batteries are typically the most expensive to replace on a Prius*
If the “RED TRIANGLE” comes on, contact a Prius specialist immediately, don’t just keep driving, this could be a number of issues, and you could cause your Prius to go into limp mode and you have a car that just dies on the road while you are running errands or on the way to work.
Remember that there have been Inverter water pump recalls, and if you have received any mail from the dealership you should see if you can get this part replaced for free. This is typically happening to The Gen 3 Prius, but has been seen in the Gen 2.
Certified Car Care has been working on Prius vehicles for more than 10 years and we even use them to get our running around done. We are the best in the business at getting them back on the road fast and even get some dealership work when they can’t diagnose the issues. Let use keep you on the road and give us a call if you feel like your car isn’t running like it should, we are always willing to answer a phone call and even do a quick code check to see if it is anything drastic.