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Wheel Alignment in San Diego

Your car feeling a little off? Alignment is the adjustment of your ride’s steering and suspension components to ensure your tires are pointed in the right direction. Why take a chance on prematurely wearing out your new or good condition tires? At Certified Car Care we can verify the condition of your vehicle’s steering and suspension components and set your alignment angles to manufacturer’s specifications to keep it running longer.

How do you know when you need an alignment? Your tires could be wearing prematurely or wearing unevenly; your vehicle may pull to one side of the road when you’re trying to go straight; maybe the steering wheel is not in the starting position; or when you’re turning your tires might squeal. All are signs that your alignment could need an adjustment.

Certified Car Care can help. Not only can we adjust your ride’s alignment to the correct specifications, we’ll also inspect your steering and suspension components to make sure there are no problems.

Protect your investment. Protect your ride. Come see us if you need help with alignment.


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Wheel Alignment FAQs

Q. How often should I rotate my tires?
A. Your tires should be rotated every other oil change, or every 6000 miles. Neglecting to rotate tires is a major cause of premature tire wear. We recommend having them rebalanced every 12,000 miles.

Q. How often should I have my alignment checked?
A. We recommend an alignment check with every other oil change. A lot can happen over the course of 6,000 miles like driving through pot holes, traveling down a gravely stretches of road or hitting your wheels on the curb while making a turn. All these situations have an impact on the way your tires go down the road.

Q. What happens if I don’t get my wheels aligned?
A. What can end up happening is you’ll spend a lot of money replacing worn tires because with out proper alignment, tires wear down faster. You could also notice your vehicle does not handle as well as it should resulting in a difficult time controlling your vehicle. This can all be easily preventable by having your wheels aligned when needed.

Q. Do vehicles have different types of alignment specifications?
A. Yes, every vehicle has different alignment specifications determined by size, length, and weight. These specs are determined by the vehicle manufacturer for each make and model.

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