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At Certified Car Care we have the necessary equimpent to properly and safely service your Hybrid. We are your dealership alternative.

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Prius / Hybrid Repair and Service in San Diego

Certified Car Care is your one stop shop for Toyota Prius and Hybrid repair. We pride ourselves on knowing the Prius better than anyone else and being able to use that expertise to bring you fast service, competitive pricing, and the most reliable repairs available.

Generally speaking, your neighborhood mechanic has neither the training or specialized tools to make the proper repair or service on your Toyota Prius. Untrained mechanics can actually make things worse by attempting to make repairs they have not been trained for.

Certified Car Care technicians have expertise and training in the following specialty areas specific to the Prius hybrid:

  • Prius battery repair or replacement with rebuilt units
  • 12V Auxiliary Battery
  • Prius Transaxle/Transmission
  • Prius Gasoline Engine
  • Prius brakes: The Prius braking system, even in the 1st Generation Prius, is very complex due to its system of recharging the battery while braking. Even the simple job of brake bleeding is much more complicated on the Prius. We have the tools, training, and expertise to get the job done right.
  • Prius Air Conditioning: Since the Climate Control is done through the Prius Multi-Function display, diagnosis and repair of the air conditioning system can be significantly different than a typical car.
  • Prius cooling system: The THS (Toyota Hybrid System) has two separate cooling systems; one for the gasoline engine and another for the hybrid-specific inverter and transaxle. Service procedures are different and there are as many as three different electric cooling pumps and an electrical switching valve that complicate the Prius cooling system. We know these systems very well and are competent to troubleshoot and service them.



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