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Routine fuel injection system maintenance helps avoid expensive repairs.

Fuel Injection Service in San Diego

Certified Car Care provides a fuel injection service to determine if there are issues with your car’s fuel injectors. Dirty fuel injectors can result in poor acceleration, lower power, poor fuel economy, rough idling and an incorrect air/fuel mix. It can also lead to higher carbon monoxide emissions.

It doesn’t take much to clog your fuel injectors either. Their openings are roughly half the size of a pinhole. It only takes an 8% to 10% blockage to cause a misfire in your engine. That’s why it’s so important to have your fuel injectors serviced every 24 months or 30,000 miles.

Regular fuel injector cleaning will improve your vehicle’s acceleration. You’ll save money on gas and cut down on harmful emissions. It can even extend the life of your engine.

What’s Included

  • Inspect entire fuel and air intake systems including:
  • Clean intake system
  • Install moc/BF concentrated fuel injector cleaners
  • VPS 2 part fuel injection kit

Warning Signs

  • Rough idling
  • Stalling or hesitation when accelerating
  • Loss of power
  • Cold start problems
  • Emission testing failure

Fuel Injection FAQs

Q. Why should you perform a fuel injection service?
A. Since you purchased your new vehicle, dirt, varnishes and carbon deposits have been forming in the fuel system, on the intake valves and in the combustion areas. These buildups can rob your car of performance, and if left untreated, these buildups may lead to costly engine repairs.

Q. What happens when fuel injectors go bad?
A. Two things make injectors bad, they get plugged up which can be fixed or they go bad internally or electronically and this cannot be fixed. Injectors that are shorted or bad electronically must be replaced.

Q. What can I expect after having my fuel injection serviced?
A. Your vehicle can achieve optimum fuel efficiency, there’s a reduction of toxic emissions, you should get better response and performance and your engine may last longer.

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