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Prius Battery Replacement.

Posted on June 29th, 2016

Prius Battery Replacement

Prius Battery Is your Prius battery completely dead and you just realized the dealership is too expensive?

Don’t worry we will exchange your Prius battery with a new one for $2,599.



Did you know that most Prius batteries should be replaced after about 7-9 years of use?  Having a certified technician doing this is extremely important, if you miss align the battery or connect it incorrectly you could have bigger issues at hand.  Certified Car Care has technicians that have been working on hybrids for the past 7 years.  Our shop has over 25 years combined experience in the automotive service industry. Let us help your choice for battery replacement be an easy one.  Our service allows you to keep the replacement of your battery within budget, unlike many of the dealerships in the area. Prius’s and hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular and the demand for them is high. The main reason Prius batteries need replacement is because hybrid batteries in hybrid vehicles (HEV’s) experience a loss of power, energy & capacity over time. Understanding when you should replace your battery or at least knowing when to expect potential failure allows for you… the owner to be better prepared for the inevitable, replacing your Prius battery. Some of the subtle hints that you need to replace your batter are:

Winding Noise – Air fan that cools the Prius battery

Battery constantly charging or running low on the display

When your Dashboard lights all turn on

When you start seeing some of these signs it might be time to give your local Prius shop a call, Certified Car Care is well versed in Prius care and has been working on these particular types of cars for the past 7 years.  Let Certified Car Care be your first choice for any Prius care!