Certified Car Care

30 Years of Experience In Performance Plumbing

Custom Car Plumbing in San Diego

Certified Car Care, has been specializing in the performance plumbing industry for over 30 years. Catering to the automotive, marine, motorcycle, off road and racing enthusiast, with our extensive inventory and knowledgeable staff with over 45 years of experience, here to help We offer complete Brake Line Kits, Fuel Line Kits, Power Steering Kits, Transmission Line kits, Air Conditioning Kits and Air Ride plumbing kits, as well as individual and bulk fittings, along with about 80 different specialty fittings we have designed and a large assortment of standard Aluminum or Stainless Steel fittings, to solve any plumbing problems.

As you look around our site you will see we DO NOT offer on line ordering, because thru the years we have learned that a lot of our customers are not familiar with all the different applications there are. Feel free to look around our site and give one of our experts a call at Certified Car Care with any questions. All of our manufactured parts are MADE in AMERICA. Thru the years we have been able to supply customers with Stainless Steel fittings for different projects. We believe we are the only company with the ability to plumb a entire project from front to rear.