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Brake Repair

Posted on July 8th, 2016

Brake Repair

Why you should get your brakes checked and repaired?


How Do Brakes Work?

    • Your car has two types of brakes—rear and front ones. Front brakes use rotors (big metal disks) as a braking mechanism. Rear brakes may use rotors too, but many manufacturers install expanding drum brakes to lower the production cost.
    • When you press the brake pedal, it engages the brake fluid and pushes it under pressure through a series of tubes.
    • As the brake fluid reaches the front wheels, it activates a caliper that pushes brake pads against both sides of the rotor, creating friction and causing it to slow down its motion.
    • In the back wheels, the brake fluid goes to the wheel cylinder inside the drum and causes the brake shoes to move toward the rotating drum, which makes the brake drum slow down and stop.


What Brake Service Includes:

  • Brake pad and shoe replacement (between every 20,000 and 60,000 miles)
  • Brake rotor machine-polishing or replacement (done at the time of brake pad replacement)
  • Brake caliper or caliper pin replacement as necessary
  • Brake fluid flush (every 2 years/30K miles or per your vehicle’s manual)

What Causes Faster Brake Wear:

  • Driving on the roads with a lot of hills and sharp turns
  • Riding your brakes
  • Urban stop-and-go driving
  • Driving in heavy traffic with frequent braking
  • Using cheap/unreliable brake pads and other brake system components

Signs You Might Need Your Brakes Serviced:

  • Squeaking, screeching, grinding or other odd sound that appear when you apply brakes, release brakes or turn.
  • It takes you longer to stop than it used to (a good indicator is that you have to press the brake pedal further down).
  • A brake warning light comes on while you are driving.
  • You suspect a brake fluid leak.

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