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BG 44k

Posted on July 29th, 2016

What is BG 44K?

BG 44K is the ultimate fuel system cleaner – additive.

    • Fuel quality is not always the same, let’s face the facts most of us will drive around and put the cheapest fuel into our cars.  You can’t say you haven’t, because cash is king, if we are buying fuel why buy the more expensive stuff… Gas is just Gas right?   This statement couldn’t be any more incorrect.  The only truth is that the government puts out a minimum requirement for fuel stating that it must meet a certain viscosity and have a reduced amount of lead and minimal and meet EPA compliances. More expensive fuel stations charge more because they put detergents into their product.
    • How can BG 44k bring back your fuel efficiency?  Most people don’t know when they put cheap gas in their cars that it can make their injectors work inefficiently.   BG 44k will help clear out the injectors and remove carbon from your fuel line.  By cleaning the injectors and clearing the fuel rails, your car can then function optimally again.
fuel injectors

Taking a look at this graphic you can see what your injectors look like as they spray fuel into your engine allowing for fuel to enter the combustion chambers and fire properly.  If you don’t have a well atomized injector spraying due to carbon build up, then you will have reduced fuel efficiency.  BG 44k and a fuel injection kit can increase the atomization and reduce the amount of carbon emission and increase your overall gas mileage.


Certified Car Care highly recommends the use of BG 44k to increase our customers gas mileage, and emission controls.  BG has an impeccable line of products that aid in the increased power of vehicles and reduces carbon footprint at the same time.   When requesting a fuel injection service this is you can expect an immediate increase of throttle response. If you have the ability to watch the tech do the service it can increase your awareness of how much build up is actually in your injectors.  You can expect to see the chemical placed directly into your fuel line, then your car started and running, as the chemical runs through your vehicle the tech will occasionally rev the engine to increase flow of the chemical through your fuel rail and the entire fuel cycle of the car.  Finally you will see a large cloud of carbon exit your tailpipe, there is no need for alarm, this is very normal and this is how you the client will know that the service provided actually worked.  Once this is completed, BG 44K will be poured into your gas tank to continue breaking away at the build up from the fuel filter all the way through the engine as you drive.